Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Cry For Yellow

I woke up at 4:20pm earlier and I was a still a bit buzzed. Today is the 1st of August 2009. Went to get a cup of hot Milo for my first drink, then turned on the TV. It was just then that I realized that Mrs. Cory Aquino, the Mother President, had already passed away earlier today. Right now, the TV Stations here in the Philippines are showing their own tributes to Mrs. Cory, and as I watch and continue writing this post, I started crying, I began feeling pain. First it was just a tear, then I started feeling pain in my heart that it was beating so fast. Many tears fell down continuously and I couldn't help it. I felt so much pain. I felt many people hurting from this passing away. It was then, I realized, I had to write.

As I watch the local tributes on TV, flipping from channel to channel, even on CNN and BBC, I could feel the pain. I guess I was called again by the higher beings to do something too. So this is my tribute to Mrs. Cory Aquino, The President, Tita Cory, The Symbol of Peace and The Mother to her family and to the whole Filipino Nation.

"....RECONCILIATION and NON-VIOLENCE....the moving force for the revolution....Ninoy took the lead, i followed....Give more for what i believe in myself what is good for the country....Be sincere...." - Cory Aquino

Known as Tita Cory in the Philippines and almost all over the world. She was born as Corazon Cojuangco, 4th Child of the family, a Valedictorian at St. Scholastica, studied abroad and started into politics in her province, Tarlac. Tita Cory was a very wise and simple lady who was sincere up to her final moments, still crying for peace and reminding us all that we still have a chance to save our nation. She has become a real inspiration of people power all over the whole world.

For me, I strongly believe that she is the modern lady hero of our time right now, and so I started crying again. I could it feel more, with the weather outside, strong winds, hard rain, the gray skies, it was surely a mourning day today.

I am currently searching on the web on other tributes for Mrs. Cory Aquino, and I am really surprised to see that there are many others! Some have already uploaded their own video tributes, wrote in their blogsites, news pages and many others. This I thought was a good thing. People are truly sincere with their feelings. Here is one video I thought was worth watching and remembering. This was shown on TV last Wednesday, July 8, 2009, on the show, Probe Profiles.

Mrs. Cory Aquino was a strong woman of determination and pure kindness. She is the Epitome of a Real Mother, who truly cares for those who needs care and attention. A real mother who knew what was best. A real mother who was never afraid to fight for what was right and just. A real mother who cried, smiled, laughed, and touched the hearts of many. A real mother who will be remembered throughout the history, not only in the Philippines, but across the globe.

May you Rest In Peace Tita Cory...I wish that someone like you would come up to save our nation again, but I remembered, YOU ARE THE ONE AND ONLY...