Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Looking Back in 2009.

....now ready to write.

It took me a while to get myself to write. So much had happened that it blew me away. Although I can't say I'm actually not craving to tell another story, because I really am. The events that took place meant a great deal to all of us. These events will never be forgotten.

It's 2010 already. The New Year had gone by and ever since that day, I know that there's so much coming ahead, more than what came in 2009. What did happen in 2009?

Here are some of the major events that took place in the year of 2009:

Barrack Obama proclaimed as President of The United States of America

Former Philippine President Cory Aquino dies

Worldwide Economic Crisis increases Unemployment Rate

More than a thousand Palestinians died at the Gaza Strip

The destruction during the Australian Bush Fire

H1N1 Virus Worldwide Outbreak that killed many

Food Scarcity

Michael Jackson, a tragic and mysterious death

Tsunami in Samoa kills more than 100 people

7.6 magnitude Earthquake hits Sumatra killing more than 1000 people

Suicide car bomb kills more than 100 people in Central Baghdad

Suicide car bomb at a market in Peshawar, Pakistan

Belgian President Herman Van Rompuy becomes European Union's First President

Simultaneous bomb attacks in Baghdad

A Nigerian man said to be linked to Al'Qaeda tries to blow up a passenger jet from Amsterdam

Tropical Typhoon "Ondoy" floods the whole of Metro Manila

6.3 magnitude Earthquake hits the town of L'Aqui in Italy

So much more happened, that if I listed them all, I'd fill up a week's worth of blog posts! One way or another, how great and how puny an event, they were all meant to happen. Our planet is telling us that we have to be aware of the natural phenomenons and that they are bound to happen as it did before. History does repeat itself, even if you don't believe it. It is our right to know what will happen to our future, whether we will still be alive in 10 years time or not. What is important, is for us to understand the phenomenon, accept it and learn to live with it. I am pretty sure there are more events that took place all over the world back in 2009, but I am also sure by this time, we would be able to develop proper means of survival, in consideration of all aspects of life. People are crying and craving for "Change". Let us give us all this chance to make life worth living, for the good of our future generations.