Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bluewater in Mactan Island

On a recent trip to Cebu, I was asked to visit a few resorts for a possible wedding location for my cousin who plans to get married next year here in the Philippines. Thanks to a good friend from Cebu, we were able to drive to Mactan Island to check out Maribago Bluewater.

The sun was high up and it was a perfect day to go to the beach. As we entered the Lobby, I was greeted with smiles on everyone’s faces. It’s the kind of welcome that makes you feel invited. A few meters away from the Lobby/Reception Area are 2 Saltwater ponds nestled on tropical landscapes on each side of the walkway. One pond was inhabited by 20 Blacktip Sharks with a few Lapu-Lapus and other small colored reef fish. The other pond was home to other non-aggressive assorted saltwater fish of different colors and shapes. On the other side of both ponds are rows of Deluxe Garden Rooms, which are priced at Php7000 per night for single/double occupancy.

It was really hot, I had to get a drink, a REFRESHING DRINK! We headed to the resort’s Allegro Restaurant and Poolbar. It was packed with guests eating Breakfast Buffet. I ordered a Banana Smoothie and it was REALLY nice and cold. Another plus points for me! A few minutes later, the Events Manager came and gave us a tour around the resort.

So, here’s a little video of our tour around Maribago Bluewater.

Maribago Bluewater–Mactan Island

To see more of the resort, just visit: BLUEWATER RESORTS