Friday, May 11, 2012

A Note To Mom

Dearest Susan Trinidad,

I know that many things in life have come and some are now gone. So much has happened, both good times and bad times. I know that I had been the hardest to control, the hardest to understand and the hardest to reach. I admit to all that. We all fall down the hill if we don't look at the path that was meant for us to pass. We roll and tumble. We get bruised and stained, but we all get up and put a smile on our faces. That is what life taught me. It is the pain that teaches our minds and hearts to move forward. It is the sorrow that gives way to a brighter tomorrow. For there is hope in between. There is love around. There is the happiness that we all long for, but most especially, there is someone who guides and understands what we all go through...

THERE IS YOU, MOM... and I LOVE YOU for that... ❤

I may not be around at all times, but here in my heart you will always be... THE ONLY ONE... ❤


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